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wendy phares' Journal
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Saturday, November 11th, 2000
2:13 am
follow up on crackin head open
one breaks the rules
one loses job.

love the corrupt-poration!

no sense of adventure

Current Mood: liberated
Monday, October 30th, 2000
10:27 pm
im harry potters long lost family
big day kidds, not to mention that it's been a friggin long time since last we hit it.

words to the masses..dont ever go down a water slide head first.

me the hard headed aries did just that a now i too have a three inch cut starting from my hairline going down my forehead from the impact of the water hittin my head...ouch talk about yer spilting headache! so stiches and 539 dollar docter bill later i got a hand full of pain pills and a bandage on my head...im friggin lucky im not paralyized from the neck down! peace kittens
Monday, September 18th, 2000
9:59 am

had some tea, gonna go to the beach. go to mac get some new shit..tonight im going to my first co-counseling class...teach me how to have healthy boundarys inwhich to play in. this lady also teachs about the enegitics of a realtionship and teachs about givein and recieveing energy. goooood.

Current Mood: mellow
9:59 am

had some tea, gonna go to the beach. go to mac get some new shit..tonight im going to my first co-counseling class...teach me how to have healthy boundarys inwhich to play in. this lady also teachs about the enegitics of a realtionship and teachs about givein and recieveing energy. goooood.

Current Mood: mellow
Friday, September 15th, 2000
10:47 pm
shake dat ass
b.e.p. yalll

just got back from the show, it's rare that some good shit comes to maui, praise be da black eyed peas...today was a big day, did the snytrophy classes yesterday and today, im leapin and a boundin through my emotional realms of existence and challengeing them. breakin the rules, the walls the fear, house cleanin of the soul. some amazin shit. praise be to sherri!
Wednesday, September 13th, 2000
9:13 pm
aloooohigidee hey higidee hi higgeidg ha there!

good times at maui high kidds...life is friggin good.shhhheit i wanna jump back and kiss myself.
tomorrow i start syntropy class...it's emotional release body work, real good shit. ive been recieveing treatments..hello inner child. love you!
next week i start my lomi lomi class. hawaiian massage. also takin a class on hawaiian herbs, gimme some mo'

i got da full moon harvet fev'a. im gonna go dancein and den go to da beach for some moonglo tan on da bare botty whilest ridin wave.

we gotta let love rule!

Current Mood: lumanated
Tuesday, September 5th, 2000
10:42 am

day off at last. just got a killer acupuncture sess from roomie maurgan, love in house healin. i love chinese medicine ya'll, to put a need on a point and be able to feel the pulse of electric chi light up my back a shoot out my limbs...well its the shit. this will be my path. maurgan told me she would start teaching me chinese med to get me started, then it's on to school maybe in two years?! feel drivin, i had a sess with sherry sunshine, emotional release work, pushin open a hugh life door for me. i feel a strength which ive always desired, but never knew how to get it. i feel excited to know to aquire knowledge.
stop...hammer time.
life is good

Current Mood: floaty
Saturday, September 2nd, 2000
5:50 pm
im freakin beat yall!
little wee been puttin in a lot of hours o rubb a dubbin.
got a break today though and went with janette to da beach...hugh freakin waves..almost scary big then we went and gorged on mango margaritas and tacos..aaahhhhh the food comatos life. im bouts to take a bath and go see ...BRING IT ON! relive the old cheerleadin days...oh i havnt mentions i was caption all through high school..we got the spirt yeah yeah we got spirit ya ya we got the what! what! what! what! what what what what what. shit thats some frigggin spirit yall.

Current Mood: freakin live
Tuesday, August 29th, 2000
8:26 am
top o' da morning

im going to get a session with a lady named sherry sunshine..it's maui for ya.
she does body work with emphasis on moving emontional funk on out da way.
time for a house cleaning of the soul.
love and aloha kidds

Current Mood: hungry
Monday, August 28th, 2000
12:22 pm
hi..it's been awhile since my last confession.
hmmmm. workhorse. i lost my arms last night is a freak octupus encounter and now i cant work.
wishfull thinking.
ive got 7=possibly9 shifts this week thats a lot of massage folks.

Current Mood: anxious
Wednesday, August 23rd, 2000
2:42 pm
another one bites the dust.
i have a bad way with relations of the close kind
i dont know what i expected to happen, and i dont know why i got attached at all i guess i just cant help myself..im sensitive dammnit and i just want some equal interaction. i know it;s out there and i know it can exist. i just wonder when it will happen for me. goddess
where is the individual unafraid to open thier heart..has the world become too jaded have they had too many bad relationships and are they all angst? what?

Current Mood: frustrated
Monday, August 21st, 2000
11:12 pm
mmm. nothin like being naked and ridein a wave
praise to little beach
Sunday, August 20th, 2000
10:05 pm
hi. im humpty dumbpty
hurt my hand
stepped on a tack
slammed my toe into the corner of a wall

HELLOOOO. not quite sure nasa..cant seem to make contact. so shit. im a kinkos cause my new roommate has issues with letting me on her computer and i wanted to write a letter to k but being the absent one i decied that a letter to self was the safest bet.

sweet mari. we finally reconnected after weeks, i havnt seen her since i went on vacation which was at least a month ago..yikes. how time flies. shes a real lady..shes got a new man in her life which i respect and gives thanks for. we can now be friends im telling you people she magnetic. which has been a problem for her..too many flies around.
i want somebody to love.
Friday, August 18th, 2000
2:14 am
ooooh little beach little beach!

paradise. nude beach. beautiful waves.
body parts flingin all about.
its liberating!

took joe on wed. empowered him..painted wings on his back and flaming lotus on his root chackra.
hes comin back

welcome back welcome back welcome back.

Wednesday, August 16th, 2000
6:55 am
its 7am. joe wakes me with chet baker
and his intake of multipule life numbers
hes on antidepressants
hes on pain killers
hes smokein pack an a half a day
hes continually wearing a bondage collar with spikes!!!
hes not good. but what the fuck do i do?
how do i help him?

its a helpless feeling to see a loved one
drift to the void

Current Mood: distressed
Tuesday, August 15th, 2000
9:08 pm
its tuesday.
its been a embraceable day.
my space comes together slowly.

talked to jeff from austin, hes moving soon
talked to julien from austin. ahh the friend for ages is moving to maui soon


Current Mood: loved
Monday, August 14th, 2000
12:05 pm
ohhhhh oh oh what a little good lovin will do!
went dancing saturday night
his name is spieder
he can get down he can he can get down
swam in da moonlight naked
good lovin
put him on a plane to s.f. at 8am.

reality of livin on an island.
Friday, August 11th, 2000
11:53 am
i knew something was wrong with joe
i just never thought that it would be rape.
he was on a spiral and i saw that but how do you stop a strong willed friend

tragic lesson.
Tuesday, August 8th, 2000
5:23 pm
ocean side and the living is easy.

moved in yesterday, painless enough.
ocean kept me up all night..could be worse!
Sunday, August 6th, 2000
7:46 pm
this is it..hopefully last night in this house.
everything go smooth i'll be sittin watchin the sunset from my new house this time tommorrow.

sara's cousin nif just got back from a 6 month world tour, im gonna pick da brain on asia.

i just caught myself in aw at my hands, im turning into my mother, yikes.
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